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Stichting Know Better Do Better is a non-profit organization created in 2015, founded by Vivian Acquah. Although she was born and raised in the Netherlands, her roots are Ghanaian. The name of Know Better Do Better was inspired by the poem by Maya Angelou.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better!”

Maya Angelou, Stichting Know Better Do Better

The philosophy behind Know Better Do Better is that when you know better, you can make conscious choices. Such is the case in the field of nutrition. This is what Vivian personally experienced. For years she had struggled with her weight. The struggle to lose weight occurred at a young age. Despite several attempts to lose weight and manage weight, nothing helped her. At the end of December 2013 she decided to change gear. She found the key to achieve and maintain a healthy weight!
She has remained faithful to healthy and tasty food and uses different multicultural cooking styles to prepare it. This means that healthy eating is possible without making too many concessions to a food culture, so that one can adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle should be possible at any age (young or old), without discrimination towards education, ethnicity and income.


Our beliefs





In most cases obesity can be prevented through education about nutrition and modifying the current lifestyle.




The consequences of obesity not only affects  the person in question, but also on their environment.



No one should suffer physical, psychological or emotional pain because of obesity whilst there are options available to combat this.




Nobody chooses to be obese. T we believe that with the right tools and coaching, anyone can overcome this disease.


Jan van Grootheest

Jan van Grootheest


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Brenda Hoogvliets




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