Stichting Know Better Do Better sees a future in which obesity among the
non-western and the undereducated populations no longer exists.
A future in which people will be a better version of themselves.

Mission statement

Stichting Know Better Do Better is committed to fight against obesity. This commitment is transcending any culture with a focus on people with a non-western background and / or undereducation. We explicitly take into account the causes and consequences of obesity.
Stichting Know Better Do Better is going to fight obesity by providing education such as lectures, workshops, bootcamps, and training. We are here to help anyone who is struggling with obesity (including relatives), so that they can overcome this terrible disease.

Among the non-Western and undereducated populations, obesity is found more often than among the native and the highly educated populations (in the Netherlands).

Beleidsplan & Jaarverslag


Policy 2015-2018 (in Dutch)

Annual Report

Stichting Know Better Do Better has no annual report for 2014, because the foundation was established in 2015. The next annual report will be published here by July 1, 2016.